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To enhance the economic and social well –being of our members and communities, we provide financial solutions. Our people seek to understand needs and act with integrity. Through innovation and technology, we deliver excellent products and services. Believe & Achieve.

Goodsoil Credit Union History

Goodsoil Credit Union was incorporated on September 23, 1946. The actual ground work started sometime before this date and a good deal of communication took place before the organizational meeting. As the late Mrs. Doris Nachbaur summed it up in her recollections: “There were many meetings to inform others of the advantages of this far out idea of ‘People helping People’”.

The Credit Union operated out of the corner of Mr. Peter Eschs’ store. Mr. Peter Esch held his post as secretary treasurer until 1948, when Mr. Henry Sonntag, Sr. took over. The Credit Union moved with the secretary/treasurer (later to be called manager), and so was operated out of Mr. Sonntags’ home. Mr. Sonntag held the position for four years, and due to failing health retired his position, at which time Mr. Ludwig Vorderwestner took over, with the office now moving to his home. When Mr. Vorderwestner married the former Mrs. Schwab, the Credit Union moved once again to the latters’ residence on main street.

After Mr. Vorderwestners’ thirteen years of service, Mr. Anton Sopracolle became the manager. As the business and membership had expanded, there was not enough room anymore in a residence, so the business was moved to the Joe Strasser building, which had a store and a shoe repair shop at one time. Mr. Sopracolle held the position for one year, with Mr. George Woods filling in for approximately six months.

Mrs. Doris Nachbaur was hired in January 1961. Mr. Peter J. March recalls going to Mrs. Nachbaur home, and asking her to take the position. It took some persuading he said, but she agreed to try it. When Mrs Nachbaur retired at the end of 1981 Credit Union membership was at 700 and assets were over $2 million.

Mr. Maynard Sonntag was manager from 1982 till 1988. Maynard is the grandson of the late Henry J. Sonntag, who was one of the founding members of Goodsoil Credit Union and who was also Manager from 1948 till 1951.

In 1988 Joan MacLeod (Baer) took over as General Manager. This was also the year that we went from a manual Credit Union to a PC (Personal Computer) Credit Union. What a change! With this automation, we were able to further expand on our product and services offered to our membership.

In 1994, we also saw a major renovation and expansion to the existing Credit Union Building. Once again, the additional space was much needed and appreciated. Our grand opening was held on Tuesday, October 17, 1995.

From 50 members and assets of $947 we have now grown to over 2200 members with assets in excess of $31 million.

Goodsoil Credit Union has played a major role in the history and evolution of our community. We are very proud to be able to say we have provided “63 Years of Community Service.” and we still believe we are an organization of “People helping People.”

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie