MARKETFLEX® Index Linked Products

A smart way to participate in the Canadian Stock Market.

Unlike mutual funds and stocks, there is no risk to your original investment with the MARKETFLEX Index Linked Term Deposit. It blends a guaranteed investment product with the capacity to generate market-like returns. You have the potential to achieve unlimited returns with the comfort of knowing there is no risk to your principal.

As an added benefit, there are no commissions or management fees. The profit is all yours. Now, that’s smart!

Smart Benefits

  • Principal is guaranteed
  • Unlimited return potential
  • Low minimum investment
  • RRSP eligible
  • No fees

Smart Features

  • Return linked to leading Canadian companies
  • Rate of return linked to monthly averaging
  • Monthly averaging protects against sharp decline in index

How does it work?

The rate of return earned is linked to the average monthly performance of the S&P/TSX 60 Index. Monthly averaging links your gain to the long term performance of the market. If the index performs well over the life of the term, interest is paid to you at maturity. If the average monthly index value decreases, there is no payment of interest. In either case, the good news is there is no loss to your principal.

Tax Free Savings Accounts

  • Competitive rates.  Transfer fees and early withdrawal fees may apply
  • Variable rate short term
  • 1-5 year terms
  • Tax free growth and withdrawals
  • Loans are available for contributions