Personal Financial Management

PFM (Personal Financial Management)

Live June 12 2017

PFM is fully integrated into online banking

This means everyone who logs into online banking will have access to it and their online banking will look a little different when we go live

The member can click on the minus sign next to the spending analysis chart to make it smaller if they do not wish to see it

This is a budgeting/spending program but it also allows you to see your other accounts in one place

You can link your Mastercard so that you can see that balance and latest activity

Not just a CU Mastercard but also others (like Scotia Bank)

You can link your accounts at other CU’s and banks ( this includes the US) that are a part of the PFM.

You can link your accounts with Credential (mutual funds)

The spending portion allows you to change how your expenses are categorized

When our members first log in they will have the last 5 months of their transactions grouped into spending categories

Mobile App

You will be able to view all of the above on the app but not “manage” any of it.

For example you won’t be able to add an external account on the app or set up spending categories

No Cost to members